PORTAL Forms - Publications and Presentations Submission Request

Please complete this submission form as early in the abstract, manuscript or presentation preparation process as possible. The Publications Committee commits to responding to requests within 5 business days for abstracts, and within 10 business days for manuscripts and presentations.
Be prepared to enter all information at one time as your work will not be saved if you exit before completing.


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If your submission regards:

  • an abstract - attach your abstract, then submit by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. You do not need to complete questions 1 through 9.
  • a manuscript - provide the information for questions 1 through 9 in the text boxes below. If you prefer, you may upload attachments containing any part of this information.
  • another communication - describe your proposed activities in question 9 below. If you prefer, you may upload an attachment containing this information.

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1. Brief Background and Rationale:

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3. Research Design and Methods
(e.g., study design [RCT, cohort, case-control, etc.], observation period, study population and subgroups, key dependent variable(s) and source(s), key independent variable(s) and source(s), planned data extraction and analyses [including who and where performed and proposed statistical analyses]:

4. Key Methodological Challenges Anticipated (if any):

5. Results:

6. Discussion/Conclusions:

7. Please identify potential overlap with previously approved manuscripts or presentations (if any):

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Note: The lead investigator (PI) will be asked to provide progress reports based on this timeline.

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